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Sneaky Raccoon    |

“Identity creation for the independent creative collective Anonymous Fox - professional, clean and a little bit foxy! Head, body and colour variations were created as well as printed materials. Commissioned by Sawdust and Jelly London”

Sneaky Raccoon is the artist name and work of London based Freelance Graphic Artist, Designer and Art Director, Anna Mullin. My personal love of nature and animals stems from an upbringing in leafy green woodland areas of North Germany while living abroad as a child, much of which is reflected in the graphic work that I produce.

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The Hive: new illustration. 

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Hello World.

Valentin Ruhry is a contemporary artist who conceived this work called “Hello World”, consisting of hundreds of electrical switches, offering to show this expression.


Bar Code ArtIf you have troubles believing it, jump inside this post to see proof and few more “zoomed” images. Amazing! Note, that the numbers given in each bar code represent pixel co-ordinates of that particular bar code.

(Source: wacky-thoughts)


MDG 2010-11. Cartel FIMA, día indie. Xero Fernández.


MDG 2010-11. Cartel FIMA, día indie. Xero Fernández.


Recycle by Anna Pantelia